About Aie Yoga

You are welcome to join Aie Yoga classes in Tartu Yoga Centre or online

Every Aie Yoga class is a little journey to make more room for Harmony and Happiness

Aie Yoga classes consist of asanas, breath, meditation, mudras and deep relaxation. Aie Yoga classes are created with love and they always bring you closer to true Happiness within and out. Every class has a certain theme to make the yoga experience more profound.

Aie yoga theme for October classes is Heart! In yoga we know that Heart represents divine qualities like: love, joy, harmony, emphaty, gratitude, happiness, shine, unity, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. So we heal our hearts physically and emotionally.

“If there is love in your heart, it will guide you through your life. Love has its own intelligence.” Sadhguru

Kriya hatha flow in Tartu Yoga Centre

Tuesday at 19-20.15 – bilingual class, intermediate level.

Wednesday at 18-19.15 – bilingual class, beginners level.

Also possible to participate online or watch the video afterwards.

We begin the practice calmly with meditation, breath and slow moment to harmonize the body and mind. Then we go on with sun salutation or other dynamic asanas. We find the peak with some more challenging asanas followed by deep stretching and relaxation. The class finds a perfect balance between moving in flow and staying stationary. Kriya Hatha flow emphasizes on concious action in yoga class and also in everyday life. Through awareness of our actions and their quality we can make more room for Happiness and Harmony.

Registration: https://www.hopitude.com/et/workouts/club/9/

The fee for one class is 9 euros; for 4 classes its 32 euros and for 8 classes 56 euros.

Stay tuned for more classes in English.

Morning yoga warm-up

Aie Yoga is created by Kerli Aie Moora.

I am 32 years of age, mother of two children, wife and citizen of the Earth. I have been practicing yoga for more then 15 years. My journey in yoga began with vinyasa and hatha yoga. Then for several years I followed the ashtanga yoga tradition balanced with yin yoga. For some period I was trying Kundalini yoga. In 2016 I discovered kriya yoga and have been devoted to practise this tradition every day ever since.

In 2020 I got my yoga teacher certificate from Kula Collective yoga school in Guatemala. From 2016-2021 I have been initiated to Babaji Krija Yoga I-III level practises. From the beginning of my yoga journey I have been participating different classes and workshops in Estonia and abroad. And I continue to do so. Also I have been to several yogic pilgrimages to India, Thailand and Mauritius.

Some moments and stories of my Life, Yoga and Happiness I share in English in Instagram.

Just let me know, if you are intrested in a private class by yourself or as a group!